Parker Technology provides parking facilities with a premium 2-way video customer service experience. We built our solution from the ground-up utilizing decades of experience in the parking industry. We have seen many operators move to automation. This has lowered expenses, but at what cost to their customers? We believe in the power of face-to-face communication. When guests need help in your parking garage, Parker Technology offers them the human touch.

Parker Technology delivers a turnkey solution to improving the parking experience. We provide the hardware, software, and call center service support necessary for parking facilities to offer a full-fledged, premium solution for their facilities. Our two-way video intercoms can be bolted-on or integrated into existing hardware installations at pay-on-foot, entrance or exit lanes. Once installed, the customer service representatives in our 24/7 Call Center respond to guest issues per the exact instructions of the facilities we serve.

Our Solutions

Parker Video Intercoms Parker Call Center Software Parker 24/7 Call Center
Our patented video intercoms enable customers in your parking facilities to connect face-to-face with a live remote attendant when they need assistance. For facilities without on-premise staff, our technology gives guests an interaction they’ll be delighted by. Parker Call Center Software gives your customers an incredible experience by leveraging Parker Video Intercoms, or your existing intercoms, and face-to-face interaction with your call center team, while providing business rule processes and reporting. We answer your intercom “help” calls, so you can focus on higher impact activities. Trained specialists at the Parker 24/7 Call Center focus only on parking facilities to provide a highly customized experience that puts the human touch back into parking.

Why Parker Technology?

Audio-only intercoms are dated! These intercoms have decades-old technology that is impersonal and provides a poor customer experience. Parker’s Video Intercom Platform gives customers a face to talk to again. Your customers have become frustrated with automated technology and empty cashier booths, we can bridge that gap.

By installing Parker Video Intercoms, facility owners can provide the empathy and interaction that customers appreciate without the large capital and operational expense of an on-premise workforce.

Our History

Parker Technology History Timeline 2010We were founded in 2010 as Remote Property Monitoring LLC, (RPM) with the first generation of our two-way video intercom platform. In our first four years of business we expanded to nearly 100 locations in 3 states. Currently, the Parker 24/7 Call Center is answering over 40,000 parking “help” calls a month.

Parker Technology History Timeline 2014In the Fall of 2014, our leadership team rebuilt the platform from the ground up to be scalable and affordable to a wider audience of operators. We also heard from many prospective customers that they wanted the ability to take their own calls.

Parker Technology History Timeline 2015At PIE 2015, our company rebranded as “Parker Technology” and launched the next generation of our platform as a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service solution. Our hardware was upgraded to 1080P HD video screens and cameras with new computer controls that are easier to install and set-up.

Parker Technology History Timeline 2016In 2016 and 2017 we made a $500,000 investment in our platform as we continued to improve our video intercoms, our software and our call center to meet the needs of today’s most demanding parking requirements.

Parker Technology History Timeline TodayWe are currently working with multiple international manufacturers of PARCS equipment to have Parker Technology available as an option direct from the factory. Soon you’ll be able to order “inside,” direct from the factory.

Learn more about Parker and how your parking facility can add face-to-face video customer service to provide your guests a premium, 21st century experience. Please contact us.