Parker Video Intercoms Puts the Human Touch Into Amano McGann Equipment

You can choose to have your Parker Video Intercoms fully-integrated into your Amano McGann OPUSeries equipment or as a bolt-on solution for Overture and other models (including OPUSeries if you choose).

Bolt-On Option

Integrated Option



  • 05-141 Video Brain
  • 05-211 Video Display
  • Top mount, side mount, and other mounting brackets available
  • 05-141 Video Brain
  • 05-821 PIP Video Processor
  • All brackets and hardware included

Leverage the Parker 24/7 Call Center To Handle Your Calls Nights, Weekends or Around Clock

You can use our two-way video intercoms and connect with your own call center, or you can elect to use our 24/7 Parking Call Center to handle the calls for you.

*You can also choose to point your audio-only intercoms to the 24/7 Call Center, where our staff can assist without a face-to-face component if you so choose for as little as 52 cents per hour, per lane.

Our Portable Demo Kit Makes A Lasting Impression

The Parker Video Intercoms Demo Kit is an effective way to help you see the power of our two-way video and 24/7 Call Center services. Official Dealers can give live demonstrations to garage owners and operators with this portable, carry-on size demo unit.

Evens Time Scores Success with Dealer Kit

Official Dealer Evens Time of Indianapolis was the first Amano McGann Dealer to use our Demo Kit to take into the field. Jonathan Evens’ first time out in the field meeting with clients resulted in three requests for proposals in a single afternoon.

Looking for additional information?

Scott Gould, SVP

Give us a call and we’ll answer any questions you may have about how the Parker Video Intercom platform is helping municipalities like those serviced by Cale America provide a better parking experience. Call us now at (800) 923-2704 and ask for Scott.

Better yet, Schedule a Demo and see the full benefits of the Parker Video Intercom Platform which can include a free quote to see how incredibly affordable our solution is to upgrade your parking customer service.