You can choose to have your Parker Video Intercoms fully-integrated into your Amano/McGann OPUSeries equipment or as a bolt-on solution for Overture and other models (including OPUSeries).

Leverage the Parker 24/7 Call Center to Handle Your Calls on Nights, Weekends or Around-the-Clock

Let the Parker 24/7 Parking Call Center handle “help” calls for you.

*You can also choose to point your audio-only intercoms to the 24/7 Call Center, where our staff can assist without a face-to-face component, for as little as $0.52 per hour, per lane.

Our Portable Demo Kit Makes A Lasting Impression

The Parker Video Intercoms Demo Kit is an effective way to help you see the power of our two-way video and 24/7 Call Center services. Official Dealers can give live demonstrations to garage owners and operators with this portable, carry-on size demo unit.

Evens Time Scores Success with Dealer Kit

Official Dealer Evens Time of Indianapolis was the first Amano/McGann Dealer to use our Demo Kit to take into the field. Jonathan Evens’ first time out in the field meeting with clients resulted in three requests for proposals in a single afternoon.

Looking for Additional Information?

Give us a call and we’ll answer any questions you may have about how the Parker Technology platform is helping municipalities, like those serviced by Cale America, to provide a better parking experience. Call us now at (800) 923-2704 and ask for Scott.

Better yet, Schedule a Demo and see the full benefits of the Parker Technology Platform, which includes a free quote to see how incredibly affordable our solution is to upgrade your parking customer service.