Our Parking Call Center Software makes customer service simple, easy and affordable.

How do you operate a state-of-the-art call center for your parking facility? You empower well-trained staff with the right tools. The Parker Call Center Software gives your customers an incredible experience leveraging Parker Video Intercoms and face-to-face interaction with your call center team while providing you business rule processes and reporting to operate your call center.

No other call center software is available in the market that enables you to quickly and cost effectively deploy two-way video interactions with a remote attendant. Our software platform is a complete solution for CSRs to respond to multiple properties efficiently and effectively while giving Managers robust reporting and data tools to ensure a high level of service is being delivered to every guest.

How it works

Each device in your parking facility that has a “help” button must have a Parker Video Intercom installed to be supported by the call center. (Learn more about our bolt-on parking video intercoms)

Once each Parker-enabled PARCS device connects to Parker, our Call Center Software can then route the call to your call center or, if you prefer, be answered by a CSR in Parker’s 24/7 Call Center in Indianapolis.

The interaction between your guest and the CSR is fully branded and can be customized by location. Your logo, brand name and business rules determine how the CSR answers and handles each call.


The CSR uses our browser-based software from a standard off-the-shelf computer to answer and respond to calls. No more expensive servers, audio cards and maintenance like competing audio-only intercom platforms. In fact, our Parking Call Center Software is so easy to expand, you can have your CSR operate from anywhere in the world…as long as they have a 2MB up/down video connection.

Intuitive, Simple Interface

Our Parking Call Center Software is easy to use and requires minimal training. Once set-up for your facility, all of the pertinent information required to answer and administer a call is at the CSRs fingertips.


The software has area maps, lock-lists for monthly parkers, local emergency contact info, your on-premise or regional manager’s contact info and more to quickly handle calls. The CSR can raise a gate, vend a lost ticket and more, all from the software. All face-to-face, giving your guests a high level of empathy and a smile.

Parker makes it possible to put the human touch back into your automated parking facilities.

Real-Time Reporting Tracks Performance and Customer Issues

Our reporting package makes it easy to identify, by facility, PARCS device and CSR performance.


You can pull reports for any facility, in real-time. There is no limit to the number of reports you can run in your subscription to the software.

Have more questions? 

Scott Gould, Sr. VP

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