Our Parking Video Intercoms can bolt-on to any PARCS device

Parker bolts on to your existing PARCS pay-on-foot, entry lane, or exit lane PARCS equipment. We currently have installations live in the U.S. on equipment including Amano McGann, FlashParkingSkiData, TIBA, WPS,  and more.

The Video Display features a 1080p HD LCD screen that performs well in low and under-cover light conditions. An optional hood is available for direct-light, outdoor applications. The Parker Video Display is an all-weather, highly durable exterior casing that can stand up to abuse from vandals and the normal wear-and-tear of day-to-day operations. The polyvinyl cover over the screen is highly scratch resistance and inexpensively swapped out in the event of damage.

The Brain is the computer control module of the Parker hardware platform. The Brain is where your “help” button, speaker, microphone, Video Display connect. The Brain can also connect to control relays for raising the gate, vending a lost ticket and more – depending on the device and location requirements. The Brain connects to the Internet via a Cat5e cable that is wired back to your Internet router. It requires local 110v power.

Connecting to the Cloud

The Parker Brain is the central control for the local PARCS device. Once you have connected the Brain with an Internet connection (1.5 MB up/down speed recommended for HD video), the equipment self-configured with our Call Center Software to activate the location.

Once each Parker-enabled PARCS device connects to Parker, our Call Center Software can then route the call to your call center or, if you prefer, be answered by a CSR in Parker’s 24/7 Call Center in Indianapolis.

Have more questions?

Scott Gould, Sr. VP

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