Parker Technology provides parking facilities with a premium customer service experience. We built our solution from the ground-up, utilizing decades of experience in the parking industry. We’ve seen many parking facilities move to automation. However, the rate at which humans are able to adapt to this influx of technology isn’t increasing as quickly. From our metrics, 85% of “help” calls in parking facilities are due to humans failing in front of the automation, whereas only 15% of those calls are due to equipment failure. What’s more, according to our statistics, last year the “help” button was pressed in parking facilities across the US 85 million times. That’s where we come in. When someone is stuck in a lane or at a pay-on-foot station in a parking facility, we’re there to help.

With our robust solution, we not only enhance the customer experience, but we also improve operational efficiencies, increase successful payments and ensure calls don’t go unanswered. When a parking guest pushes the “help” button on a PARCS kiosk, one of our patient, well-informed specialists (CSRs) answers and resolves their issue. This is where we shine – as the only company in the parking industry that can deliver face-to-face communication via our patented two-way video intercoms. Putting this personal, human touch back into an automated situation is our unique approach.

Parker-enabled PARCS kiosks, once equipped with our intercom hardware (two-way video or audio-only), connect to our cloud-based software platform whenever the “help” button is pressed. From there, CSRs in our 24/7 Call Center answer each call under 11 seconds on average and respond to guest issues per the exact instructions of the facilities we serve. Our proprietary software provides all the information our CSRs need to answer each call with the facility’s branding, and resolve issues, under 60 seconds on average, based upon business rules delineated for each facility.

Training and quality assurance are of utmost importance to us, so we’re constantly improving and streamlining our processes. For our clients who value these as well, we provide reporting through our software, as well as, optional playbacks and recordings. Having visibility to these metrics not only helps us but also provides valuable insight for our clients to improve operational efficiencies in their facilities.

Our Solution

Parker 24/7 Call Center Parker Video Intercoms Parker Call Center Software
We answer your intercom “help” calls, so you can focus on higher impact activities. Trained specialists at the Parker 24/7 Call Center focus only on parking facilities to provide a highly customized experience.

Our patented video intercoms enable guests in your parking facilities to connect face-to-face with our CSRs when they need assistance. For facilities without on-premise staff, our technology gives guests an interaction they’ll be delighted by. Parker Call Center Software gives our CSRs the information they need about your facility to successfully resolve “help” call issues. It also provides you with reporting and metrics to improve your operations.

Why Parker Technology?

We bridge the gap between you, and guests in your facility who need help in a lane or at a POF device. We provide a unique solution that enhances the customer experience in a very personal, innovative way. Your staff have enough on their plates without having to answer “help” calls 24/7 as well. Outsource to us and we’ll take the burden off of your people, freeing up their time and focus to devote to other responsibilities.

Everything we do is done with a high level of care, consideration and customized to meet your specific needs. We understand not every parking facility is created equal, so we accommodate our clients with the solution that best fits what they require.

Our History

Parker Technology History Timeline 2010We were founded in 2010 as Remote Property Monitoring LLC, (RPM) with the first generation of our two-way video intercom platform. In our first four years of business we expanded to nearly 100 locations in 3 states. Currently, the Parker 24/7 Call Center is answering over 40,000 parking “help” calls a month.

Parker Technology History Timeline 2014In the Fall of 2014, our leadership team rebuilt the platform from the ground up to be scalable and affordable to a wider audience of operators. We also heard from many prospective customers that they wanted the ability to take their own calls.

Parker Technology History Timeline 2015At PIE 2015, our company rebranded as “Parker Technology” and launched the next generation of our platform as a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service solution. Our hardware was upgraded to 1080P HD video screens and cameras with new computer controls that are easier to install and set-up.

Parker Technology History Timeline 2016In 2016 and 2017 we made a $500,000 investment in our platform as we continued to improve our video intercoms, our software and our call center to meet the needs of today’s most demanding parking requirements.

Parker Technology History Timeline TodayWe are currently working with multiple international manufacturers of PARCS equipment to have Parker Technology available as an option direct from the factory. Soon you’ll be able to order “inside,” direct from the factory.

As the only operator-independent call center, we’re 100% dedicated to the parking industry. We strive for excellence and innovation in all we do. Contact us today and let us know how we can “help” you.