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Author: Heidi Barker

Successful Partnership with UT Health San Antonio

Parker Technology has worked with businesses in all types of industries. We’ve partnered with universities, municipalities, private companies, and healthcare facilities. Regardless of the location or type of operations, our clients are finding success with our customer service experience. They love the solution we provide! Our service has allowed them to keep traffic and revenue flowing.

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Mobile Queue

Introducing Our New Mobile Suite: Mobile Queue & Mobile Endpoint

In recent years, just about every industry has fully adapted to the digital age. We now can do just about anything from a mobile phone, including paying for parking. It’s now easy as ever to quickly pay for parking from an app or by text. Unfortunately, sometimes things can go wrong with technology or patrons have trouble understanding how to use it.

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customer experience

Parker Prediction: You are One Bad Experience from Alienating 30% of Your Customers

A truly excellent customer experience can make or break a company’s success—especially today. Just as the things a company is capable of providing have evolved with time, so have customer behaviors. Today’s consumers are more discerning than they once were. They not only expect high-quality products, but they also expect high-quality service.

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Parker Technology - two-way video patents

Fun Fact: We Own 4 Novel-Use Patents

At Parker Technology, we strive for excellence by bringing our clients innovation and ingenuity to help them deliver a quality parking experience for their customers. Quality and consistency in excellent customer experiences are essential to growth and success.

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Parker Prediction: We Will Continue to See a Growth in Alternative Work Methods

It’s no secret that the past couple of years have significantly affected the way we live and work. As a result, individuals across all industries have had to find new ways to make this “new normal” work. In most cases, it meant a switch to a remote, work-from-home lifestyle that required new tools and strategies to fully automate systems conducive to this kind of working environment.

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We’re Your Troubleshooting Partner

Here at Parker Technology, we understand that technology isn’t perfect—and it’s typically because it lacks that personal touch—which is why we believe in elevating the customer experience and troubleshooting problems by providing personal, on-demand assistance. Think of us like your troubleshooting partner. You operate the garage, we provide the customer service solution.

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Parker Technology: Flexible Solution

We’re Flexible! Learn More About Your Options

At Parker Technology, our solution provides you with flexible options that enable you to improve your level of service and boost revenue on your terms. No two companies are alike—we understand that your needs are as diverse as your customers, so we’ve created a parking solution that can adapt to your needs. 

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Parker Technology: Claudia Lopez

Five Questions with Claudia Lopez

Claudia is our newest addition to our implementation team! She has an extensive background in parking and customer service, having most recently worked with the City of Riverside as the Public Utilities Customer Service Manager. Claudia boasts 25+ years of customer service experience and 20+ years of leadership and management experience. We are thrilled for her to bring that experience to Parker! Claudia loves working with people and believes open communication and transparency are keys to great leadership. Her hobbies include traveling, volunteering in service projects and riding roller coasters at amusement parks.

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Louisville, KY

Industry Spotlight: The Value We Bring to Private Operators

Private parking operators provide parking services for numerous clients, from private companies to managing parking facilities for entire cities. As well-known as these parking operators may be, it can still be challenging for them to live up to their name. Managing parking facilities and running a call center to handle customer issues is no easy feat. That’s why most private operators don’t have their own call center.

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