Bryan Blackwell & Jim Leida Join the Parker Technology Team

Parker Technology’s sales team has grown by two this month, with the addition of industry veterans Bryan Blackwell and Jim Leida, both new Sales VPs. Blackwell joined the Parker Technology team on July 22nd, starting off his role at the PIPTA Conference in Boise, ID. Leida joined the team on Monday July 29th.

Bryan Blackwell, VP Sales East

Bryan Blackwell has fifteen years of hands-on, diversified experience in the parking industry. He began his career managing parking services for a national parking operations company, then moved into sales and business development for a PARCS manufacturer. Blackwell has the unique ability to recognize industry needs before they happen and create a plan of action to meet those needs. Blackwell has an in-depth view and understanding of how parking facilities operate, and the day-to-day demands owners and operators are presented with. He will provide leadership, communication, operational guidance, and support to the Parker Technology team. His observations and insights make him an invaluable driver of new product initiatives, which he will utilize to carry Parker Technology forward into parking’s evolution. He graduated from University of Alabama with a BS degree in business administration. You can contact Blackwell at

Jim Leida, VP Sales West

Jim Leida brings more than 25 years of relationship-based selling experience to his position at Parker Technology. His career includes playing a significant leadership role at NuPark, where he helped transition the company from a technology start-up to an industry disruptor, clearing the path for the parking industry in North America to embrace ground-breaking technology of automated enforcement through the use of LPR technology, virtual permits and electronic citations. In the fall of 2018, NuPark was purchased by mobility industry-leader Passport, where he laid the groundwork for their partner program. Preceding his time in the parking industry, Leida had successful careers in the film, television and mortgage industries. He graduated from Temple University in Philadelphia, with a BA degree in communications. You can contact Leida at

“It is simultaneously humbling and exciting that we could attract such talented sales professionals to Parker Technology to help us accelerate our already stellar growth. Bryan and Jim have played pivotal roles in the parking industry for many years and we look forward to their help in propelling our success to new heights. Our customers tell us every day how important Parker is to their operations, and the time has come for us to tell more prospects with a larger sales force. It truly is an exciting time to be in parking at Parker Technology.”

Brian Wolff, President & CEO