We’re looking for an experienced Weekday Call Center Manager to join our team!

Interested in joining the Parker Technology team? We have an opening that is critical to our mission to leverage technology to deliver an incredible customer experience by putting the human touch back into parking. Are you the right fit?

General Responsibilities:

Manage the operational performance and quality of service of the Parker Technology call center Monday through Thursday in order to achieve the level of customer service promised and the most effective operations possible.

Work with the Weekend Call Center Manager to have policies and operations in place for the general leadership and direction of the Call Center on a day to day basis.  While the direct job responsibilities are split between two people different days of the week, the policies and operations should remain consistent.

How you will make an impact:

  • Provide direction and coaching to 1-3 call center supervisors on different shifts.
    • Assist and coordinate with supervisors in the daily training, coaching, correcting of call center reps. Review efforts by supervisors to train and coach CSRs.
    • Help supervisors identify areas for improvement or growth.
  • Perform individual yearly performance reviews for supervisors and participate in their development plans
  • Create or maintain a supportive, yet challenging atmosphere among the team.
  • Keep an eye on the Queue
    • Identify problems and resolve or guide supervisors to resolve.
      • Technical issues with equipment or network
      • Inaccurate / incomplete garage information
      • CSRs not following procedures
    • Assist with incoming calls when necessary.
  • Interact with technical team to troubleshoot system problems.
  • Interact with garage leadership to address facility issues.
  • Review reports and metrics related to customer service and operations to evaluate individual and overall performance of the department.
    • Weekly – BI Report
    • Daily – Performance Page
  • Participate in and/or handle escalated issues including communication with parking customers.
    • Communicate major issues to upper management as needed for information or potential follow up with the Client.
  • Interact with Implementation team to coordinate CSR training for new customers.
  • Interact with the Training Manager to provide feedback on new CSRs coming out of the training program. Help ensure CSRs have the fundamental skills needed at the expected level.
  • Represent Clients and CSRs in business activities.
    • Advocate policies and procedures to the Operations leadership team (this team consists of Technical Services, Product Management, Training and Client Services).
    • Inform Product Development.
    • Help provide information needed to build forecasted budget for the Call Center.
  • Participate in and manage the selection process for CSRs.
  • Lead all efforts involved in employee improvement; evaluation, decisions about strategy or approach, execution, and when necessary termination.
  • Help on Weekend days in times of major, unforeseen incidence or planned vacations.

Other Responsibilities

  • Help maintain a clean work environment
  • Some travel for client visits and trade shows

Quality Control

  • Review assessment forms with CSRs and Supervisors
  • Work with QA Manger to complete audits as necessary for CSR or Facility hot topics

Represent the core values of Parker to co-workers, leadership, facility contacts and facility customers

  • Help maintain a culture that consists of:
    • Teamwork
    • Communication
    • Acceptance and appreciation for hard work, dedication and respect for the job
  • PARKER Care
    • Understand the document, what it is intended to do and use the principles in communications with staff, facility contacts and facility customer interactions.

What you bring to the table:

  • A.S. or two years of college
  • Previous supervisory experience or 5 years of call center experience
  • Demonstrated ability to work with others to gather information or insight
  • Demonstrated ability to foster team work and achieve goals by motivating others

Apply Now

If this role would challenge you while also playing to your strengths and passion, please apply today. Send your resume and a brief note about why this role fits your career goals via email to talent@helpmeparker.com.