Five Questions with Jim Leida

Our five questions series asks one of our Parker People about the habits and hobbies that allow them to be the best versions of themselves at work, and otherwise. Check back next month for more!

Jim Leida, Sales VP, Parker Technology

Jim Leida hails from Philly (go Eagles!), but is currently based in California, as our charismatic West Coast Sales Rep. He is known for his winning personality and far-reaching connections across the industry. His weakness is a pristine putting green and beautiful sunny day.

Read on for his answers to our five questions.

1. How do you start your day?

Most days are started with a nice cup of locally brewed coffee and about 30 minutes of quiet. I like to call it: “meditation with a cup of joe.

2. What do you do to enrich yourself outside of work?

I love to read books, either Sales/Leadership or Historical Non-Fiction. I’m a sucker for anything written by David McCullough.

3. If you need inspiration, where do you draw from?

My kids inspire me most; their drive and fearlessness to get things done is always remarkable.

4. What work-related habit or practice do you think contributes the most to your success?

Task management is the key to a successful day. Focusing in on one group of tasks at a time proves most efficient for me. I also try to be as empathetic as possible when dealing with customers and prospects. Being in “their shoes” proves to be the best way to help them.

5. What’s the best thing you’ve found to do when you’re stressed?

For stress relief I usually rely on physical activities, either heading to the golf course/range or going on a mountain bike ride.

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