Lower Pricing for Non-Transactional Terminals

We’re always seeking ways to make our platform more affordable for your customers. We’re pleased to announce lower pricing, effective immediately, on our monthly monitoring for some parking terminal equipment.

For any new facility that comes on board, all terminals that are non-transactional (those which do not accept any form of payment) will qualify for a reduced monitoring fee of $250/mo when the Parker 24/7 Call Center is answering the calls. This includes most entry lanes, monthly-only entry and exit lanes, etc.

This is a $125 reduction in monthly fees for these terminals!

All transactional lanes, including pay-on-foot, transient exit lanes, pre-pay entry lanes, and other lanes that accept voucher payments, etc. will continue to be priced at $375/mo for Parker 24/7 Call Center remote monitoring.

Why lower the price?

We’ve evaluated data from the 20,000+ calls per month the Parker 24/7 Call Center answers and determined that the flat monthly fee we were charging previously did not accurately reflect the volume that non-transactional terminals generated.

We have reduced the price to provide a more fair and balanced pricing model for our monthly services.