Parker Technology is a robust customer experience solution exclusively for the parking industry.

Where do we fit in? When the “help” button is pressed in a lane or at a pay-on-foot station in your parking facility, we’re there to take the call. However, not only do we have highly trained, patient, well-informed specialists to answer the calls, but with our patented two-way video intercoms they can answer with face-to-face interaction.

With the rise of automation in parking facilities, the ability for humans to adapt isn’t progressing as quickly, which accounts for only 15% of “help” calls caused by equipment failure, whereas 85% of “help” calls are due to human failure in front of the automation. That’s where we come in… our specialists help guests when they’re confused. This results in an enhanced customer experience in your facility, successful payments and an assurance that your calls don’t go unanswered.

All that being said, our solution is indeed a robust combination of call center service, two-way video intercoms and the intuitive cloud-based software platform our CSRs (specialists) use to answer incoming calls knowledgeably, and with your branding and business rules in mind.

Along with all of this, you’ll have access to daily/weekly/monthly reporting for your facilities, with the option to see playbacks and recordings for 30-days as well. Training and quality assurance are hugely important to us, so if they are to you as well, we equip you with the knowledge and metrics you need to improve efficiencies in your parking facilities.

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If our all-encompassing solution doesn’t exactly fit your needs, please know that we do provide customized service offerings based on your equipment, preferences, current staffing, etc. We have audio-only intercoms as well, so keep that in mind. A lot of our clients will utilize a combination of video intercoms and audio-only intercoms. We can be flexible and accommodating to your needs, so get in touch today and let us know how we can help!