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One of our most powerful benefits? The data.

Our software platform documents every aspect of every call. Parking owners and operators have instant access to data about how many calls were made on a given day, week, or month—really any period of time. The technology also analyzes the nature of each call. For instance, owners and operators can monitor how many entry/exit issues, ghost calls (accidental calls caused by drivers pushing the wrong button), invalid validations or permits, credit card payment issues, invalid tickets, or any other issues there are. This information can be analyzed for any particular period or length of time. No matter what types of problems arise, the data created by the system can help diagnose the issues and help parking operators address them more efficiently and cost-effectively.


As a customer, you’ll have access to the Parker Technology software platform, which includes real-time data and reporting, including this snapshot of call stats, which can be viewed hourly, daily, weekly or monthly. Essential metrics include: total volume of calls, average call volume per time period, average duration, average time in the queue, missed calls, disconnected calls and equipment failures.

Drilling into the data.

In addition to the snapshot metrics, you can drill into the call volume report and gate vend log, which display metrics for all individual calls and gate vends for the selected time period. This allows you to pull information or review the recording for a particular interaction, or for all interactions, by exporting into a CSV or PDF.

There are also charts, as shown below, that denote average call volume by day and by hour, to display which are most popular, providing valuable operational insights.


The issues and resolutions section provides valuable information for improving operations and customer service. For instance, if there is an excessive number of invalid tickets, that could be an indication that the PARCS equipment located at the entrance is malfunctioning and needs to be repaired or replaced. The same conclusion might be drawn if there is an unusually high number of credit card payment issues. Or, if there are too many invalid validations or permits, it could indicate that the permit readers are malfunctioning or that the equipment that creates the permits themselves is. No matter what types of problems arise, the data created by the system can help diagnose the issues and help parking administrators address them more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Seeing is believing.

One of our biggest differentiators is our patented two-way video technology. Within our software platform, you can review call recordings for up to 30 days (both two-way video and audio-only). Call recordings can help resolve any disputes that may arise related to a given situation, they serve as a powerful training tool for virtual ambassadors, and they have proven to be effective deterrents to gate-breaks and other malfeasance. Watch this call recording video to see the power of face-to-face communication.