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Amano McGann

Tailored solutions.

Amano - Parker solution

Easy Upgrade

Our video intercoms fully-integrate with Amano McGann’s OPUSeries line of PARCS equipment. A bolt-on solution is also available for Overture Series and other models.

Sleek Style Meets Unparalleled Service

The Amano McGann integration allows OPUSeries to connect directly to the Parker 24/7 Call Center for exceptional customer service at the touch of a button – no add-on screens necessary. Use your current Amano McGann OPUSeries equipment and make the most of the visitor experience.

Adaptable & Customizable Bolt-Ons

Parker Video Intercoms are engineered to be easy and intuitive to install. Equipment is manufactured with durable steel casings to meet the demanding requirements of today’s parking terminal environments. We design our two-way video intercoms to accommodate a variety of PARCS kiosks. Depending on lane type and model, we have top or side-mounted video display options. For the full list of installation examples, download this PDF.

Note: We also provide audio-only intercoms.

Available Through All Amano-Owned PARCS Dealer Offices:

Also Available Through Our Dealers: