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TIBA - Parker Solution

Adding Two-Way Video

Use Parker Technology in conjunction with your new or existing TIBA PARCS equipment via our bolt-on or integrated solution. Your customers deserve a best-in-class experience. That’s why we’ve engineered our solution to be easy and intuitive to install or configure. Equipment is manufactured with durable steel casings to meet the demanding requirements of today’s parking terminal environments.

The Bolt-On Solution

We design our two-way video intercoms to accommodate a variety of PARCS kiosks, so depending on lane type and model, we have top or side mounted video display options.

Pictured to the left is an example of a side-mounted video display in an exit lane.

Our X60 Integration

We’ve begun work with TIBA product development to build an API bridge between our two platforms to create an improved customer experience for all of TIBA’s customers deploying the X60 platform. More details will be available soon.

Available Through Our Premier Dealers Across the US:

“Combining Parker with remote management by your PARCS system allows you to reach peak ROI and maximize efficiency across one or multiple garages.  In the ‘new normal’ of contactless service and automation, Parker is the piece that brings it all together for owners and operators alike to provide a world-class experience for customers.”

Ryan Slack, Territory Manager at Signature Control Systems