Park RiteDo you want to run a parking garage or a call center?

The move from manned parking booths to an automated revenue control system brings the promise of simplicity, reduced overhead, and lower costs of operation. But it also creates a new task for the parking operator: the interruption of answering intercom calls 24/7 from parking guests with credit card failures, I-don’t-want-to-pay excuses, and other issues.

The question is, who in your organization will be resolving those calls when the help button is pushed? More importantly, who will consistently deliver a professional, courteous response – even at 3 a.m. on a holiday weekend.

For most parking operator executives, the idea of running a 24/7 call center is near the bottom of the ‘things I want to do in my life’ list. For Nick Aubrey, Managing Partner at Park Rite, there was no question that once they made the move to automation, the calls were going to be directed to a strategic partner. “We’re parking executives, not call center managers,” said Aubrey. “We want to play to our strengths of running lean, profitable garages.”

Step 1. Pick the right PARCS to go Fully Automated

The Park Rite team made the decision to bring automation to the first of their nearly 60 facilities in the greater Detroit area in early 2018. The first step was finding the right PARCS platform that would give Aubrey and his colleagues scalability, future-facing technology, and a great customer experience for monthly and daily parking guests.

After extensive research and numerous site visits, Park Rite selected FlashParking’s PARCS platform. “We loved their use of technology, their ability to roll out software updates and new features remotely, and the overall impression their equipment will give our parking customer by having a state-of-the-art parking experience,” said Aubrey.

Step 2. Which Call Center to Use?

Aubrey’s next decision was to find a call center operator who could handle the calls.  Options included hiring a generic call center who answered calls for many types of businesses or finding a specialist in the parking space.

Early on, FlashParking recommended that Aubrey look at the Parker 24/7 Call Center for handling calls. The advantages were many, including:

  1. The CSRs were already familiar with FlashParking equipment, so no extra training would be required to get up to speed;
  2. The patented two-way video intercom technology from Parker Video Intercoms was already integrated into FlashParking equipment, thus eliminating the upfront capital to upgrade Park-Rite guests to a premium experience;
  3. Park-Rite would be able to bring on additional automated facilities using any PARCS system. The Parker 24/7 Call Center connects with nearly all brands of PARCS and Intercoms ensuring if Park Rite were to take on future properties with existing equipment, no expensive capital expense would be incurred to use the call center.

After appropriate due diligence and a live demo with a Parker CSR, Aubrey was satisfied that Park Rite’s reputation for quality, experience, and integrity would be maintained. “The guest experience matters and the face-to-face video experience with Parker Video Intercoms included in the FlashParking system was going to show our customers that we have top-notch technology.”

Getting up and running as preparations were underway for PARCS equipment installation was simple and straightforward.

“The service agreement was simple, clear cut, and fair,” said Aubrey. “Pricing was appropriate and gave us fixed rates so there would be no surprises.”

Step 3. Launching Without Hassles or Surprises

Once the services agreement was signed, the Park Rite team received business rule templates that would determine how Parker CSRs handled calls and triaged problems. The templates provided Park Rite with a set of best-practices for handling issues that Aubrey could tweak to fit their business requirements. “It was all so seamless,” said Aubrey.  “Once we got started, it came together really smoothly. I could focus my job – and not worry about figuring out how to deal with the calls.”

By working with a specialized, parking-only call center, Park Rite eliminated one of the biggest hassles with using an outside service.

“The parking industry has a lot of nuance that require time and energy to learn and build skills with the CSR team,” said Tammy Baker, VP of Client Experience at Parker Video Intercoms. “Because we exclusively handle intercom calls for parking garages, our team can take on a new garage very quickly.”

Once Aubrey had reviewed the business rules, the Parker implementation team set up the Park Rite garage in their parking call center software and trained the CSRs. “We were doing practice calls for Nick and gave the Park Rite team plenty of time to test things out with the Flashparking system before going live.”

A Positive Experience

Two months after going live, Aubrey gives the entire platform two-thumbs up. “It really has been an easy roll-out, and I’m glad I’m not worrying about having to staff a call center or deal with call center headaches.”

Even though remote attendant services have been outsourced, the parking operator always has their finger on the pulse of customer issues. Park Rite staff has real-time access to facility call analytics, recordings of calls between parking guests and CSRs, and reporting to summarize issues coming into the call center along with how they are resolved.

When calls require on-site attention or resolution outside of the normal day-to-day operations, the Parker CSRs can put a parking guest on hold and quickly connect with the appropriate Park Rite manager for further assistance or action. That ensures only the most urgent issues interrupt Park Rite staff.

“I’d recommend to any of my peers to focus on parking operations – and leave the call center challenges to Parker,” said Aubrey. “As far as I’m concerned, it’s the best solution available for outsourcing parking garage calls and giving parking guests a professional response when they need help. It has certainly allowed me to focus on what I love doing most.”

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