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System Maintenance & New Feature Release Notice on April 26

We want to advise you that on Wednesday, April 26, 2017 between 5:30 a.m. and 6 a.m. EDT, we will be upgrading the Parker Video Intercoms platform with new software updates. During this window, you may experience intermittent service interruptions for brief periods of time that include no intercom calls being sent to the Parker […]

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Third Party Camera Support Now Available for Remote Attendant View

Our two-way video intercoms are incredibly powerful for enabling the remote attendant in a call center to speak face to face with the parking patron. The camera angle between the parking terminal and the customer is optimized for that face to face interaction. This can limit the visibility of what is happening in the lane for the […]

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Remote Attendants, Admins Can Now Publish Alerts & Notices

The Parker 24/7 Call Center now answers more 20,000 calls per month and we’re using that experience to drive new features in the Parker Call Center Software that powers our platform and is used by our call center and command centers for operators around the U.S. Frequently, there is urgent knowledge about an issue going […]

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Newest Audio and Video Brains Will Enable Remote Attendants to Lock Gate Open

A new feature released in today’s Parker Call Center Software will enable your remote attendants the ability to raise the gate and keep it raised until business conditions/rules apply to lower it back down for our next version of Audio and Video Brains (May 2017). There are occasions that come up where a facilities business rules may […]

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Smarking Adds Insight to Our Call Center Data

The more information you have, the smarter the decisions you can make. At PIE 2017 last week we met up with team at Smarking, who have a brilliant parking analytics platform. With permission, we gave their data scientists our call support data collected in the Parker Call Center Software for a garage in Minnesota operated […]

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