The Parker Customer Service Team is comprised of bright, self-motivated individuals. Customer Service Reps (CSRs) and the Technical Services Department make up this “Team Behind the Screens.” Both divisions work in conjunction to provide an exemplary solution that enhances the customer experience.

CSRs in our 24/7 Call Center answer over 50,000 calls per month on average, in under 11 seconds, with resolution times averaging less than a minute. Our CSRs are patient, well-trained and 100% devoted to the parking industry. They respond efficiently to questions and issues from parking facility guests via patented two-way video technology. Our specialists have familiarity with each parking facility and their policies by utilizing our proprietary cloud-based software, which clearly outlines their branding and business rules. All of our CSRs receive extensive training and ongoing quality assurance measurement to ensure we’re providing the highest level of customer service possible.

Parker Technology Call Center Stats

Our Technical Services Department is also devoted to delivering a high level of service. They drive service by improving customer satisfaction, maximizing client retention and increasing profitability. Each member of the team comes with a vast amount of technical knowledge and skills. Technical Services embodies what innovation, efficiency and problem solving should look like. They are the backbone of our company – maintaining software platform infrastructure, completing successful hardware installations, providing technical support for our products, and so much more.

At the core of our business, and exemplified by everyone on our Team:

  • Teamwork & Unity
  • Open Communication
  • Acceptance & Appreciation for hard work
  • Dedication & Respect for the job

If you’re interested in joining the Parker Technology Team, please view our current job listings here.