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Technical Services Manager

General Responsibilities

Manage Daily Operations of the Technical Services Team:

  • Set priorities and ensure team has tools needed to complete tasks
  • Identify issues creating roadblocks for the team and help implement solutions
  • Delegate tasks to promote development and growth of technical services team members
  • Identify and administer training to ensure the technical services team is continually improving technical expertise
  • Ensure technical staff coverage for software and hardware support:
    • M-F 8AM – 5PM
    • Nights and weekends as needed, on call
    • Manage call rotation schedule for night, weekend and holiday coverage

Order / Inventory Management:

  • Ensure procedures are understood and followed by all team members that are handling inventory
  • Ensure orders are pulled, processed and shipped accurately and according to expected ship dates
  • Communicate order progress and issues as needed

Quality Control:

  • Document and report on hardware issues found in-house and in-the-field
    • Communicate hardware issues to technology team
    • Communicate software issues to product team
  • Work with clients to mitigate issues with the software or hardware that are causing service interruptions or low quality of service

Key Systems / Technology Experience:

  • Working knowledge of various PARCS equipment (TIBA, Flash, T2, etc.)
  • Commend / SIP communications
  • Networking basics and protocols

Other Responsibilities

  • Participate in weekly Implementation meeting
    • Address any questions or open items needed to complete shipments
    • Understand pipeline and use the information for future planning
  • Participate in weekly Leadership meetings as needed
    • Sit in on discussions pertaining key topics from the Services Team

Culture Fit

Represent the core values of Parker to co-workers, leadership, facility contacts and facility customers:

  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Goes above and beyond
  • Excellence in Communication
  • Critical Thinking
  • Noble Intent
  • Servants Heart


Understand the document, what it is intended to do and use the principles in communications with staff, facility contacts and facility customer interactions.