Welcome Tobias Hunt, Our New Customer Service Manager

Tobias Hunt

We’re thrilled to welcome one of the newest members to our Team – Tobias Hunt, the second shift Customer Service Manager. He comes with 20+ years of customer service experience and 10+ years of leadership experience.

Previously the Contact Center Manager for a local healthcare company, delivering excellent customer service is not foreign to him. He is a strong believer of honesty, transparency and accountability, all well-aligned with our company’s core values.

“Our team continues to grow! As part of our constant focus on expanding infrastructure, to scale properly with our business, we’ve added a management position to the Call Center Team. Tobias Hunt graciously accepted this role. We’re thrilled to have yet another strong manager leading our delivery team with excellence and extensive experience.”

Tammy Baker, COO of Parker Technology

In addition to this position, Tobias also owns his own entertainment business, as a professional photographer, videographer and content creator.

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