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City of Plainfield Now Uses Our Customer Service Solution

Our customer service solution is live in City of Plainfield, IN. When patrons need help, our highly-trained customer service representatives answer the call to help them pay and get on their way quickly. 24/7 Remote Monitoring Services In addition to elevating the customer experience, our solution allows for the garage to be managed almost completely […]

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Leading with Values: How We Empower Our Team

At Parker, we take pride in our work, and care deeply about our core values. In fact, they guide everything we do, from how we serve our customers, to our quality assurance program, to hiring and training. When we bring on a new employee to Parker, we’re really looking for someone who embodies our core […]

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What is a parking management solution?

Parking management system is a term used for a variety of solutions and products in the parking industry. It can include software, hardware, manual methods, or a combination of these, to manage parking operations.

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Five Questions with Brian Wolff

Brian is a Michigan native with a fantastic laugh and a fondness for golf and baseball. He is known for his authentic concern, and leading with core values. His weaknesses are donuts and cigars.

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Delta, the New Parker Technology Software Platform is Here

With this major software update, the platform is faster, more stable and extensible to more parking software platforms through APIs. Delta’s new and fully-scalable architecture takes advantage of all attributes of a cloud-based software platform. It is a launching off point for Parker Technology to add value for its customers, by connecting in new and improved […]

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5 Steps to Measuring Quality

What gets measured, gets managed. “You can talk about something all day long, but if you don’t put some data behind it and actually measure it, it will not show that it’s important.” Tammy Baker, Vice President of Client Experience Developing a quality program is an important part of ensuring your team accomplishes priorities and […]

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