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Five Ways to Make the Most of Customer Reviews

Whether you manage a parking garage, online store, or really any type of business or service involving customers, managing customer reviews is not only prudent, but also essential. Customer reviews provide a window into a company’s service and commitment, or lack thereof, to its customers. Reviews are one of the first tools potential customers will […]

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How can an intercom call service enhance your operation?

Four ways that we can be an extension of your team. Our call center service is more than just an outsourced solution. We want to be your partners, aligning with your internal team and the overall objectives of your operation. We become an extension of your team by following your preferred business rules, flexing to […]

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Lynda Black

Five Questions with Lynda Black

Lynda Black is a mother, dog lover and refreshing realist. She is known for telling it like it is and keeping people accountable to what they say they’re going to do. Her weakness is Long’s donuts, which is why our CEO is kind enough to bring them for her every Friday morning.

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How to Consistently Deliver an Excellent Customer Experience

Four steps to dazzling your customers every time. A consistently excellent customer experience does not happen by accident. It is a result of identifying how the experience can be improved, then building a well-thought-out plan that utilizes tools and technology, and continuously improving over time. 1. Identify How Your CX Can Be Improved Taking a […]

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Diamond Parking is Now Using Our Customer Service Solution

We are now providing live customer service support for K Street Garage, a Diamond Parking facility in Anchorage, AK.  This is Diamond Parking’s second parking facility to use our platform. AVA Capitol Hill garage in Seattle, WA has been online since early October of 2020. “Parker Technology’s platform for tracking intercom calls and customer issues is […]

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Why pay for an intercom call service?

Four ways that a professional call center improves your parking facility. A call center service can improve your operation in more ways than you may realize. When intercom calls are directed to a professional call center, your customer experience is improved, your internal staff is happier and more focused, you collect more revenue, and you […]

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Five Questions with Scott Gould

Scott Gould is a cat owner, adventurous home cook, and handyman. He is known for putting relationships first and his excellent smoked meats. His weakness is a “VERY good bourbon.”

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How can I improve my parking facilities?

For parking facilities, an elevated customer experience can attract patrons, improve customer loyalty, provide value to asset owners, and increase revenue. Read on for our tips to improve parking facilities and elevate the customer experience.

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